Beginner II


Beginner golfers.  To pass the red level, the participant must show consistent understanding and execution of the basic fundamentals see in the green level.  Focus on full swing, putting and introduction to chipping.

1-     Grip

The participant can show proper grip on the golf club and repeat it every time (overlap, interlock, overlap).


2-     Setup & Posture

The participant shows adequate posture at all time.  The participant can set up at the ball consistently properly (see alignment and ball position).


3-     Full Swing

The participant can sometime successfully hit the golf ball in the air while performing a full swing with any iron and a driver.


4-     Putting

Participant can make an adequate putting stroke consistently from a few feet from the hole.


5-     Chipping (introduction)

The participant can select the proper golf club and execute a chip shot with decent form and fair distance control.


6-     Playing Requirements

Play 3 holes and hole out, three times.  Record (1) Bogey.


7-     Rules and Etiquette

Complete the Red Level quiz to pass.





Homework Requirements:

1.     Putting:  3 ball within 3-4 feet in the hole

2.     Full swing:  Hitting some balls in the air with a full swing with a 7 iron & Driver

3.     Chipping:  Participant can select proper club to chip and perform an adequate          chipping swing.

4.     Play 3 holes of golf and hole out.  Record a Bogey anywhere.

Instructor ONLY confirmed skills:

1.     Fundamentals:  The participant shows consistent Grip, setup, posture and ball position

2.     Full swing:  Participant can make good contact with the ball and get the ball in the air without “whiffing” with a 7 iron and driver.

3.     Putting: Participant can make a consistent putting stroke from 3-4 feet away.

4.     Chipping:  Participant has good understanding of chipping and can select a club and execute a basic chip shot with fair distance control

5.     Rules and Etiquette Quiz pass