Program Overview

6 Level of certifications with "Homework" & on-course requirements to advance through the different levels.  There are also requirements to be done only during class but no official test day.  The Homework requirements for every levels are available on the Timarron Junior golf website (address below).

Mandatory Rules and Etiquette Quiz to advance through the different levels.

New Junior Golf Academy hats for all participants - hat color based on level

Weekly lesson plan for the instructors to follow.  The weekly lesson plan for the different levels will be available online for your interest every week.

Monthly weekend sessions offered to participant to work on some of the different level requirements.

Small groups (no more then 7 participants per group) divided by skill level and age group.  Higher PGA rank instructors will be working with the older participants.

Monthly Member fee: $135    Non-Member: $175

Certification will be on-going with the help of Instructor/parent/guardian.  Each level has requirements that must be accomplished with either the presence of an instructor/parent/guardian that can attest of the completion of certain tasks.  Requirements can also be ear or during any Junior Golf session with an instructor or even during the course of a private lesson.  Also, to complete a level, a number of tasks will need to be demonstrated by the Junior golfer and confirmed only by an instructor.  All Junior golfers will also need to show adequate behavior during every sessions to move up level.  All tasks are all ongoing and can be rewarded at any time by an instructor.  



LEVELS & requirements

"Homework" Requirements Printable Card Coming Soon