Intermediate/Advanced Golfer


Advanced.  To pass the Gold level participants must show overall excellent fundamentals.  Participant must show good and consistent ball striking with adequate ball flight and direction.  Short game must also be consistent.  New topics:  Pre-shot routine and Wedge play.


1-     Fundamentals

Always excellent grip, setup, posture, ball position and alignment. Every shot.  


2-     Full Swing

Iron, Driver, Hybrid and fairway wood: Solid contact and adequate direction most of the time with not too bad mishit. 


3-     Putting

Consistent distance control and direction on long putts. 75% short putts 3-4 feet.


4-     Chipping

Consistent distance control and direction on all chips.


5-     Pitching

Participant shows good execution of the pitch shot.


6-     Pre-Shot Routine

Participant can efficiently develop their own pre-shot routine and repeat it consistently.


7-     Wedge Play

Participant understands how to play different wedges, different ball position and different setup for a desired ball flight.


8-     Bunker Play

Good greenside bunker play and fairway bunker execution.  Participant must show good understanding of bunker fundamentals (setup, ball position …).


9-     Playing Requirements

Break 100 on 18 holes.


10- Rules and Etiquette

Complete Gold level Rules and Etiquette Quiz






Homework Requirements:

1.     Putting:  5 consecutive ball within 3-4 feet from the hole, 3/4 to 5 feet from 20-25 feet

2.     Full swing:  Hitting all balls air born with a full swing with any club with rare but “acceptable” mishits.

3.     Chipping:  Chip 4/5 to 5-6 feet from the hole.

4.     Pitching:  Pitch 3/5 from 20-40 yards onto the green where target is located.  Ball must stay on the green.

5.     Participant is executing a consistent pre-shot routine before each shots.

6.     Bunker: 3/4 out of bunker and onto the green.

7.     Participant must break 100 on 18 holes.


Instructor only confirmed skills

1.     Fundamentals:  Excellent all the time

2.     Full swing:  Participant can hit most golf shots in a nice ball flight over 50%.  Any club; iron, driver, hybrid.

3.     Putting: Participant can make 50% long putts within 5 feet

4.     Chipping:  Participant has good understanding of chipping and can execute a basic chip.

5.     Participant understands wedge play (different setup, ball position for desired ball flight)

6.     Participant understands the importance of pre-shot routine and develops one.

7.     Wedge play:  Participant understands “how” and can execute wedge shots (high, low).

8.     Rules and Etiquette Quiz completion.