Advanced Golfer


The Black level is the last level.  The participant will have to be very consistent with very few mishit and mishits that are reasonable.   New topic: Ball flight


1-     Fundamentals

Yeah that good!  Participant can demonstrate a consistent and reliable pre-shot routine.


2-     Full Swing

Iron, Driver, Hybrid and fairway wood: Solid contact and consistent ball flight most of the time with not too many mishits.  Participant must show understanding of ball flight laws and adequate execution.  Ball flight control.


3-     Putting

Consistent distance control and direction on long putts. 75% short putts 3-4 feet.


4-     Chipping

Consistent distance control and direction on all chips.


5-     Pitching

Participant shows consistent execution of the pitch shot


6-     Flighting the ball

Participant has a basic understanding of the ball flight principles and can demonstrate a draw and a fade.


7-     Bunker Play

Good greenside bunker play and fairway bunker execution.  Participant must show good understanding of bunker fundamentals (setup, ball position …).


8-     Playing Requirements

Break 90 on 18 holes.  Record a Birdie.


9-     Rules and Etiquette

Complete Black level Rules and Etiquette.








Homework Requirements

1.     Putting:  7 consecutive ball within 4 feet from the hole.  4/4 long putts to 5ft from the hole from 20-25ft.

2.     Chipping:  Chip 5/5 to 5-6 feet from the hole.

3.     Pitching:  Pitch 4/5 from 30-40 yards onto the green where target is located.  Ball must stay on the green.

4.     Participant is executing a consistent pre-shot routine before each shots.

5.     Bunker: 4/4 out of bunker and onto the green.

6.     Break 90 on 18 holes.  Record a birdie.


Instructor only confirmed skills

1.     Fundamentals:  Excellent all the time

2.     Full swing:  Participant can hit most golf shots in a nice ball flight over 50%.  Any club; iron, driver, hybrid.

3.     Putting: Participant can make 75% long putts within 5 feet.

4.     Chipping:  Consistently good distance control from various distance.

5. Pitching:  Excellent distance control from various distance.

6. Bunker:  100% out of greenside bunker and good distance control.

7.     Participant understands various ball flight laws and can execute some draws and fades.

8.     Rules and Etiquette Quiz completion.